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Posted on July 18 2012 by alvian

Freida Pinto hosted the Flaunt Magazine and Agave Denim “All Wrapped Up in Blue” dinner reception in Los Angeles.

The “Immortals” actress hammed it up with Agave Denim founder Jeff Shafer during the event, held at Sherbourne restaurant to celebrate The Denim Issue.

Miss Pinto has been busy promoting her new film “Trishna” as of late, and in a recent interview she talked about her experience playing the lead role for the first time.

“It was great. I think it would be every actor’s dream to have 11-hour days when you’re there on almost every frame. You really feel like you’re finally being utilized properly as an actor, that the director really is giving you a lot of material to work with, so in that sense, yeah, I felt really great. I was constantly active, thinking about my character, what she was going to do next or whether it was that particular scene and it was nice because I was exploring a different, even though it was a part of India, it is a culture very different from mine.

Something I was not very familiar with growing up, so it was kind of a character research for me as well to explore something completely different and play something completely different from what I actually am or who I actually am.”
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